"孩子就像一本書 ,讓我們傾心閱讀,撰寫動人的篇章。"

„Ein Kind ist ein Buch, aus dem wir lesen und in das wir schreiben sollen.“

Peter Rosegger


The BeKids PlayGarden German-Chinese Kindergarden integrates pre-school learning with bilingual and intercultural experience. Working together with their parents, our kindergarten helps our children to approach the world with an open mind, and grow into confident, empathetic and enthusiastic young learners.


Children should grow up in a familial and loving environment. BeKids PlayGarden offers excellent early childhood education and accompanies children along their way towards becoming independent, creative, and bilingual world citizens.

Baby Touching Woman's Face
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We are inspired by the innocence with which your children perceive the world, and wish to be their companions in their explorations, by guiding them and sharing their joy.

Sylvia and Ivy were both born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, and studied in Great Britain and the USA, before they met in Berlin. In 2007, two open-minded people recognised a growing demand for Chinese education in Germany. Together, they founded the first German-Chinese playgroup in Germany.

Sylvia is an accredited kindergarten teacher with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and a Masters degree in International Fashion Marketing. She began in 2003 in Berlin, as a state-approved educator in a bilingual school with pre-school facilities. Then, she partook in the foundation and expansion of a Chinese-German kindergarten as an honorary director. In 2012, she founded the Berlin Panda Kindergarten, where she worked both with the children and on the administration and management.

Ivy has a decade of experience as a Chinese language teacher for children and adults, on a freelance basis and in a bilingual school in Berlin. After her legal education (B.A. & LL.M.), Ivy worked as a lawyer in Taiwan and the USA, before discovering her passion for German history and culture, and dedicating herself to supporting cultural delegations from Taiwan and China, project management, as well as managing a large travel agency based in Frankfurt.



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