“孩子需要根基和翅膀 - 有了根基才能知道他們來自何處,有了翅膀才能探索世界。”

„Kinder brauchen Wurzeln und Flügel – Wurzeln, um zu wissen, wo sie herkommen, Flügel, um die Welt zu erkunden.“

J. W. von Goethe

Every child is unique.

Their personalities and values are shaped by their interactions with their environment. This is why we aim to provide a loving learning space where children can experience the joy of movement, develop their self-awareness through social interactions, and gain independence and self-confidence as individuals.


Children explore the world through play.

It is our conviction that children learn through play, so we provide an open and diverse learning space where they may encounter German and Chinese language and culture in a natural way, where their creativity may unfold, and where they can acquire independent learning skills.


be open
be yourself
be bilingual
be intercultural
be fun
Be open

Be open

We embrace cultural diversity.

We open doors for children through individualized learning. We always begin with the personal interests and perspectives of our children, and enable them to dedicate themselves to their personal interests, so they may blossom, then unfold, and open their minds.

Be yourself

Be yourself

Every child is an individual.

Children learn to influence and interact with their surroundings in their own particular ways, and we help them cultivate their own sense of autonomy and competence, independence and solidarity.

Be bilingual

Be bilingual

The early acquisition of a foreign language promotes the overall cognitive development of all children.

At BeKids PlayGarden, bilingualism means continuous bilingual education and care. Every educator speaks his or her mother tongue and acts as a language role model for children. Through the immersion in non-artificial, everyday situations, our children not only learn a second language, but also to appreciate and respect linguistic and cultural differences.

Be intercultural

Be intercultural

We teach children the skills to cope in a society with different cultural backgrounds. Our children not only learn to listen attentively, observe, form and express personal opinions, but also to reflect on and become aware of specific cultural characteristics.

Be fun

Be fun

"A good thing is when you know something. It's better if you enjoy it. But the best thing is to take to your heart."
Chinese philosopher

All children are creative, and creativity must be cultivated. Through play, they learn; in learning, they discover joy; in the joy of learning, they develop creativity and acquire independent learning skills.

In essence, we want to provide a conducive environment for children to lose themselves in the processes of creation, to be engrossed and immersed in playing, painting, and crafting.

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All "BeKids" educators are cosmopolitan and value German and Chinese cultures and languages.

We work with the parents of our children to understand their expectations and better accompany our children in their journeys of growth.


Our educators create a relaxing learning environment where children can satisfy their curiosity through their games, through which they explore and learn.

Each child is like a moving story that we would love to delve into. We encourage their thirst for self-expression and communication, and their powers of imagination, and explore with them their curiosity about life.


"Participation means sharing decisions that affect one's own life and the life of the community and finding solutions together"
Richard Schröder

We respect the opinions and interests of each child, regardless of origin, family background or gender.

An essential task of our educators is to listen to our children's ideas and to support them in expressing their own opinions. At the same time, we encourage our children to accept different perspectives and participate in discussions and joint decisions.

If small problems or conflicts arise in the group, we guide the children in reflecting and observing, and let them find a solution to the problem. Problem-solving is the medium through which children understand social life and the interaction between the individual and the group.



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